Bridal Q&A with Meredith Farmer Deal

Bridal Q&A with Meredith Farmer Deal

        Getting to work with brides on their registry is such a sweet part of my job at Provvista. Helping the couple choose the dinnerware that they will treasure for years to come is just so so special. My niece Meredith got married this past October. We had so much fun planning and prepping for this special day! Here is a short Q&A from Meredith on being a Provista bride as well as a glimpse into her and Keaton's wedding day.


1. Why did you choose Provvista for your wedding registry ?
Besides the fact that my creative, beautiful aunt designed the dinnerware, Provvista designs is classic! Provvista looks clean on an open shelf and eye catching on a dinner table. There are so many creative ways to display your Provvista dinnerware.


2.  What is your favorite piece of your set?
My favorite piece, hands down is the coffee mug. I am constantly making sure I have a provvista mug for the morning time. I mean, who doesn’t like drinking their coffee out of a beautiful mug?! Besides that, it truly is the perfect shape and size.

3. If you could only monogram one item, which one would you choose?
The dinner plate. I want everyone who comes to eat at my house to be able to admire the stunning, engraved monogram Provvista offers. The dinner plate is such a smooth and inviting piece of the collection, whether I’m heating up left overs or having a dinner party, it makes me happy to see the lovely engraved monogram.


Here are some glances into Meredith & Keaton's special day! 

The small ceremony was held in my nephew James' garden at his home "Farmdale" in Perry, Georgia. 


These beautiful floral topiaries and other floral arrangements and bouquets were done by the talented Luella Floral team.

"Keaton, you may kiss your bride!!"

Mr. and Mrs. Keaton Deal




Meredith and Keaton you are both so loved!!! 
xoxo, Bee


wedding photos: Joy + Everette Photography
provvista photos: Emily Followill Photography ,  Meredith Farmer Photography
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