Provvista Designs begins and ends with family, all families. The company was founded to provide beautiful timeless pieces for family and friends when wedding china had become "chain store driven." Simply, we wanted to have something special that could be handed down with a legacy. Something our great, great grandchildren would love to inherit, register for and mix-and-match with other family heirlooms to create one-of-a-kind settings for future celebrations. Provvista pieces would represent the generations and encourage dialog at family gatherings (which is any day of the week for us). As we grow, our table becomes more beautiful and the memories even sweeter.
Over the years many changes occurred - children got married, grandchildren were born and new factory and artisan collaborations came to life. Although not active in everyday workings, the original collaborators, Kathi Mullins and Colleen Parkhurst, contribute by faithful support of Provvista Ideals.
Art collaboration by Jackie Price, Eliza Price and Davis Designs.
Photographs by Emily Followill Photography as well as my beautiful nieces Meredith Farmer Deal @farmerphotography.com and Sarah Margaret Yelton.
Provvista is now bringing on a new generation of ownership. My son, Grant Brantley, and Beau Barron have joined the company and with their arrival the Provvista team has been handed down once again. In the end, everything at Provvista starts and ends with family. We invite you to join our table by setting yours with Provvista Designs and making beautiful memories with those you hold dear.

— Kathryn Brantley, FOUNDER

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