Are the monograms 3 letters?

The monograms are a single letter monogram with an Old English motif.  The engraving tool is brass and wood, custom made for Provvista in Florence Italy.

Where are your products made?

The majority of our pieces are made in Italy, however, we also work with a team in Northern California, and the South of France.

What is the turn-around time for Provvista Classic monogram designs?

Monogram pieces as well as the artist products usually ship in 6-8 weeks.

What if my pieces are later than 8 weeks?

Twice a year our Italian friends take “Holiday” and may delay your order a week.  In the event that your order is going to be late, you will be notified. Please note that the Provvista team is your advocate and are constantly in touch with those who create for us.

Are the Provvista Classic non-monogram pieces shipped sooner than 4-6 weeks?

Provvista stores a small amount of our organic non-monogram product. Please feel free to ask us what the turnaround time will be on your order.

Are Provvista pieces microwave and dishwasher safe?  

The product is designed to be safe in microwave and dishwasher.  Please use caution when using a microwave as some pieces may get hot. Provvista product is not designed for baking or should not be used on top of oven.